Tattoos are no longer forever. Regret having that tattoo? Make it vanish!

We at VCare understand that sometimes a tattoo can become embarrassing and unwanted. Want to remove your tattoo? It’s your lucky day! Because VCare specializes in removing tattoos of all sizes and colors. Our therapists are specially trained and experienced in tattoo removal treatment to provide you with the best possible results. Our non-evasive treatment can safely remove your tattoo without leaving a scar. We use the Q-Switched Laser technology, that delivers light quickly in a billionth of a second. The device will apply powerful pulses of energy on the target area, which are absorbed by the unwanted tattoo. The resulting heat will penetrate through the top layer of skin and shatter the tattoo ink into the pigment particles. Which then will be absorbed gradually by your body's immune system. Q-Switch Laser technology offers high efficiency at very low risk. Enables us to offer an effective tattoo removal with little chance of side effects.