Anti – Ageing Treatment

Skin Whitening: Full body whitening

Full body whitening process is done through IV infusions of Super anti-oxidant mixed drinks. An anti-oxidant is a molecule that represses the oxidation of different particles, a compound required for oxidation-lessening responses in cells. It is a tripeptide got from glutamic corrosive, cysteine and glycine.

Features: (It is a sub-heading under Skin Whitening: Full body whitening)

  • Super Antioxidant cocktails are made of amino acids blend. It gives advantages to skin such that poisons expulsion from the body.
  • Works quicker than whatever other corrective items.
  • Best for help the skin enhances the sparkle of skin and surface of the skin.
  • Reduces scars, pigmentation, and lines giving clear and smooth skin.
  • Prevents ulceration.

The individuals see the distinction in their skin within a week. This skin brightening process incorporates skin tone changes and finishes with skin gleam and supple giving it a new-like skin and dampness superior to anything utilizing creams.

This intrusive strategy takes 30 minutes. A super anti-oxidant mixed drink alongside vatic is blended in 100ml of normal saline dribble which is then infused in the vein of the patient for 25-30 minutes. After the process, the system requires the patient to apply sunscreen and maintain a strategic distance from the sun.

Treatable Area

  • Face
  • Under Arm / Arms
  • Black Neck / Back
  • Full Body Whitening