When the acid mantle is too alkaline, the skin becomes dry and sensitive in some cases one can suffer from dry and sensitive skin and may even get eczema. This type of skin lacks the ability to fight off matrix metalloproteinases (MMP’s) which can destroy collagen and cause wrinkles and sagging.


It’s is very unlikely skin to be too acidic (pH below 4.5), however, this acidic skin usually manifests itself in breakouts and acne making it red and inflamed.


Factors That Can Affect Skin pH are:

  • acne

  • air pollution

  • antibacterial products

  • change in seasons, with different humidity levels

  • cosmetics

  • detergents

  • antibacterial soaps and gels

  • sebum/skin moisture

  • sweat

  • tap water

  • too much sun exposure

  • too frequent washing of your skin

How To Test Your Skin’s pH Level

It is difficult to directly test your skin for pH level. At VCare, your dermatologist would use a pH meter.


Specific skin care concerns such as acne or dermatitis need to be addressed to your dermatologist. He can help resolve any underlying skin issues and help you keep your skin healthy.


For more details speak to a VCare skin expert.