A well hydrated and healthy skin would normally stretch and return to its normal position. Hyperelastic skin is a condition where it stretches beyond its normal limit. This skin can be a symptom of many diseases and conditions.


What causes hyperelastic skin?

The collagen present in our body controls the elasticity of the skin. Hyperelasticity occurs when there’s an overproduction of collagen.


People suffering from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome shows this condition which covers a group of disorders that affect connective tissues within the body.

Other diseases/syndromes that cause hyperelastic skin are:

  • sun-related skin changes

  • subcutaneous T-cell lymphoma

  • Marfan syndrome

  • osteogenesis imperfecta

  • pseudoxanthoma elasticum


When should you see your doctor?

It is strongly recommended to consult a skin care expert if you have abnormally stretchy or extremely delicate skin.


Reach out to your dermatologist if:

  • blotches develop on your skin

  • your skin becomes itchy

  • you develop itchy patches on your skin

  • you bruise easily


If you have symptoms of hyperelastic skin, talk to a VCare skin expert today!