Dull Skin

Over the years, most of us find our skin becoming dull and lifeless. This aging process affects people of both sexes and all ages but is most prominent in women, it begins in the early twenties, which is when the skin starts to produce less collagen and elastin. Our skin loses approx 1% collagen per year. Around the same time, elastin works alongside to ensure the skin looks tight. But when they start to deplete together, one encounters wrinkles, sagging, and other aesthetically-displeasing features that make one look old.
Though this cannot be stopped completely, you can reduce how quickly it happens. Which mean you get:

  • A healthy glow even as you age
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Better skin

How does it happen?

Though dull skin is a natural condition there are various other factors that can contribute to the appearance of dull skin even in younger people including:


  • Failure to exfoliate

  • Not moisturizing.

  • Dehydration

  • Smoking

  • Too much Makeup

  • Failing to have a good skincare routine


How to treat dull skin?

Preventing dull skin is much simple process but many people don’t start until it’s too late for any radical improvements to be seen. The treatments for dull skin include - Green Peels® and Microdermabrasion which are most effective in creating healthy, glowing skin.


At VCare, before deciding which treatment is right for you, your doctor will begin a consultation process to decide which approach will restore your youthful and healthy glow. Post-treatment, your VCare dermatologist will offer lifestyle advice that’ll make the results last longer. For more talk to a VCare skin expert today!