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In this blog we are going to discuss about laser tattoo removal and how to remove a tattoo.

This is really an interesting sociological question because who gets tattoos?

Used to be that if you were going to get a tattoo you better be very deliberate about it and sure about yourself because once you put it in it’s not coming out. That tattoo is going to be permanent.

Fortunately today with a whole variety of very sophisticated lasers we can remove that tattoo and get that ink right on out. It hurt going in and it is going to hurt coming out. But, we can get the tattoo ink out, with a series of laser tattoo removal treatments, layer by layer, all the ink can be removed. Tattoo ink, or colors, or pigmentation, are very specific in that they respond to different frequencies of laser energy. For each different color of ink that you might have in a tattoo you might need a different type of laser to interact with that ink and get it out.

That’s why there are 6 different frequencies and types of lasers for interacting with that the tattoo artist might have put in to your skin. Fortunately, under the skilled hands of someone who really knows laser tattoo removal like VCare. Over more than 18 years in the industry, the country’s most qualified and experienced aesthetic clinic. The tattoo ink can be removed in a series of laser tattoo removal treatments, layer by layer, so that not too much is done at a time. If you try to get all the ink out at once you simply could overwhelm the skin and then you are likely to have a mark left over.

“Maybe a little scarring”

If it’s done more delicately, in a more judicious, progressive way, then you can get the tattoo ink out without causing any scarring at all.

What is going to happen during the laser tattoo removal treatment?

The tattoo ink is actually going to be vaporized by the laser. As the tattoo ink is vaporized it basically explodes in your skin. It’s kind of a messy process. Experts will be dabbing your skin a lot with cotton to keep it clean and dry as removing the tattoo ink. Like we discussed, it does hurt a bit on the way out. There is going to be a sore. You are going to bleed and that will be bandaged. After the scabs have come off and everything is healed you’ll come in for your second, third or fourth or however many laser tattoo removal treatments you need depending on the amount of ink and how deep it was put into your skin.

I hope this blog has given you an idea about laser tattoo removal treatment. If you’re looking for someone who is experienced to get rid of your tattoo, just visit your VCare clinic & say good bye to your tattoo.

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