Men Vs Women Skin

Today on this blog, I’m going to explain the differences between men and women skin. So, regardless of age, men have a higher collagen density than women. Collagen is directly related to the signs of skin aging.

Why we get wrinkles?

It’s said that women’s skin is about 15 years older than man’s of the same age. The skin of a man is also more deeply pigmented, so it is true that women are usually the fairer sex. Women also have more subcutaneous fat below the skin than men. So, therefore more women suffer from cellulite. Honestly you’ll never heard of a man complain about cellulite.

Why because?

Basically women – age faster, have more spots on skin, have more cellulite also facial shrinking is more prevalent in women and so therefore women’s skin are a lot more sensitive to a lot of products. So, a lot of cosmetic and skincare companies have to test more vigorously for women’s skin. Where, on the other hand, men’s skin is much thicker, oilier and warmer because Men have more blood vessels than women. So, men need products that absorb more readily to the skin and take into consideration its oily nature.

Choosing the right product is important

Again men secrete more sebum and they secrete it throughout their life and women actually stop secreting sebum after menopause, so therefore the skin looks coarser and drier as they age.  It’s really important for women to find good anti-aging products or more hydrating products for their skin. Additionally the female skin is just way more susceptible to environmental factors and to whatever is going on including getting redder and irritation to skin care products because they do have more sensitive and tender skin. However for men will often complain that because when they shave, they get a lot of razor bumps and ingrown hairs, which is a huge concern for men, for women they don’t have to deal with.

Exfoliate your skin

So it’s really important to use a cleanser for men and it can be a little bit harsher, make sure it exfoliates and for women they should probably use gentle skincare products. Things that are sulfate free is really good, what sulfate do is basically they create that foaming action on your skin but it does dry out your skin.

In the long run try to use products that don’t have sulfate and also men can use things like loofah or different kinds of exfoliant to get rid of their ingrown hairs. so again as I said before women skin ages a lot faster in fact 15 years older so that means that 30 old woman has a skin of a 45 year old man which makes sense. it’s really important that women just use anti-aging products faster and  kind of more picky on the products that they use and that they take more initiative to use skin care products early and often more consistently.

Why skin routine is very important?

The habit of having good skin care which is so important for them to slow down the process of Aging and also men don’t need to worry about aging because they have facial hair, if they got a wrinkle, they can just cover it up with facial hair additionally in terms of hormones men’s hormones calmed down after age 20 whereas for women the time of the month whatever it will still lead to triggers and breakouts the oil production on the skin. so women always going to be having breakouts whereas men is probably more rare for them to have breakouts in their later years.

Take Away

Remember to wear a sunscreen no matter if you’re male or female because the UV rays can really damage skin and make skin look dry it can dehydrate skin and make it look patchy and wrinkly and stuff. So wear sunscreen all the time.

I hope this blog helped to give you a little bit of insight into the differences between men and women skin.

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