Skin treatments for fair and radiant skin

Can you really become white and color after a laser treatment? And you really

Want your skin to glow? Well if you want to know more about skin lightening, whitening and laser treatment for fair and radiant skin. So stay tuned…

Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about lasers for skin lightening and for treating dark spots and hyper pigmentation. Laser treatment is a very effective method for overall face rejuvenation and for decreasing dark spots and hyper pigmentation. But can they really make your skin white? Well… No

Treatment whether it is Glutathione, chemical peels, old supplements, topical creams or laser treatment can make your skin white; they can only make your skin here radiant and lighter up till the most untanned area of your body.


Indications for laser Treatment:

So what are the various indications of laser for correction of dark spots and hyperpigmentation? Well they help in decreasing the pigmentation of freckles, melasma, post acne pigmentation, under eye dark circles, lightening of lips, they also correct age spots, birthmarks and overall face rejuvenation.


How is the procedure done?

The procedure is extremely simple and absolutely painless. first a carbon paste is applied on the entire face, now with the help of the laser shots not only the carbon paste is removed, but also the pigment producing cells which are there in the superficial most layer of the skin are also reduced this leads to immediate rejuvenation of your face and also tightening of the dilated pores. However for ideal results you must take minimum six to eight sessions at a gap of two to three weeks this results in not only rejuvenated face but also reducing of fine wrinkles and tightening of your pores. This also helps in lightening of the pigmentation of freckles or melasma or any other pigment free condition that you have.


Post treatment care

This procedure has absolutely no side effects. Just make sure to apply liberal amount of sunscreen before we go out in the Sun. after you do this procedure also make sure to use products only the sensitive skin as advised by your doctor.  For treatment of dark spots, freckles, melasma and other pigment free condition the laser shots are given without application of carbon-based because we have to work both at the level of epidermis that is the superficial most layer of your skin. And at the level of dome dermis that is the deeper layer of the skin.


Does this treatment require any combination therapy?

laser treatments can be combined with various therapies they can be combined with chemical peels, mesotherapy, glutathione therapy oral supplements and topical creams. However the formulation of topical creams they vary according to the skin condition that you have. How much result you get? depends upon the type of condition you have and how regularly you take the sessions and the maintenance sessions after the treatment is done make sure to remember that no treatment gives 100% removal of dark spots. it definitely leads to reduction of your dark spots depending upon the condition that you have and make sure to apply maintenance cream regularly after you take the treatment sessions.

So I hope you found this blog useful and I hope it is clear now that you can definitely achieve skin lightening, radiant and glowing skin by all the lasers and the treatments I have mentioned above but do not run after skin whitening and fair skin if you liked this blog please leave a comment below and do follow us on social media.

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Aastha Adani

4 months ago

Interesting article!!!! I have been suffering from dull skin and want to get a skin lightening treatment and wanted to read more about it. Thanks

content writer

4 months ago

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more updates..!

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Shibani Dandekar

3 months ago

Wonderful Article!!! I have been researching lately about the best skin whitening treatment around me. This Article has been helpful and has highlighted various important facts and cleared my doubts. Thank You!!!

content writer

3 months ago

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more updates..!

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