Is Tanning Safe? The Ultimate Guide To Safe Sun-time

A skin that glows gives happiness and sheer confidence to any individual. When for some tanning occurs naturally, most others choose alternative ways to get the tanned effect. None can deny that tanned skin is considered a pride. But later, studies stating that skin exposure before the sun and tanning because of it can cause serious ..

Skin Healthy

Best 8 Skin Healthy Foods

Have you ever been in one of those conversations with your mother where she asks to eat healthy instead of applying cosmetics and doing skincare topically? If you have been in one, well, this is the right place for you to scroll down and know what eating healthy can do to your skin. Goodness can be entirely felt with proper intake.. and choice of foods. So yes, skincare starts right.

Hair Removal

A Complete Guide About Laser Hair Removal

Telogen phase is a resting phase and the shedding phase every single hair follicles at a given point of time is at a different phase of hair cycle and the laser hair energy it focuses only on the hair follicles in the Anagen phase hence we require multiple sessions of laser treatment to target the hair follicles in original fields.

Anti ageing

Anti ageing treatments: Get rid of Wrinkles & Fine lines

Wrinkles and fine lines are the first indications of ageing, wrinkles are truly part of our ageing process, the older your skin is, the thinner and less elastic. This leads to wrinkles, creases and lines on the skin. Environmental factors such as pollution, smoking, etc.

Glowing Skin

Best 4 super foods for healthy glowing skin

Today we are going to talk about four super foods for healthy glowing skin. It is so rightly said that beauty comes from inside it is extremely important to nourish your skin from outside by following a regular skin care regime and similarly it is extremely important to nourish your skin..

Perfect Glowing Skin

Get Ready! The Best WEDDING Ever!

Do not forget to take care of your skin and consult your skin care expert at least three months before your wedding to get that perfect glowing skin. Whether you're the bride or the groom a few tips and treatments are required to maintain healthy glowing skin.

Anti ageing

How to get rid of dark circles?

Tired of finding the right under eye cream, still don’t find any results for under eye dark circles?
Everyone thinks dark circles occur due to tiredness and lack of sleep. Although it can be one cause but the reasons are many like allergies, iron deficiencies such as anaemia and natural ageing process.

Skin Type

How to know your skin type?

Everybody wants youthful and radiant skin, because of which we buy innumerable brightening serums, gels, lotions and anti aging night creams, without even knowing what is our skin type. We even buy similar products like our mom is using or our best friend is using because that product has worked magic for their skin, but it does no good for us and if even leads...

Acne Scar

Permanent cure for acne scar

Understand that curing Acne scars is a step-by-step process that can take time depending on your condition. Fixing acne scars permanently requires more than one treatment, it's not like being treated today, and a week later, when you're healed, and you're flawless. The two biggest factors that are going to develop acne would really be ...


Pimple on your big day is a bad day!

A soak test has shown that most women are more concerned about their beauty & appearance compared to the men. Especially when they are all set to get ready to go out on a special occasion, they get to notice the arrival of the unwanted relative appears on the face. That red dot on face shifts ...

Clear Skin

Skin Care Tips: To Maintain Clean & Clear Skin

The fourth tip that I have is to not pop or pick at your skin if you have a pimple. Some people find pleasure or they just want to remove the pimple and they think that popping it or putting toothpaste on it or doing some crazy weird experiment with that pimple is going to make it go away ...